What a year 2020 has been! Some might remember it as a total disaster, destruction of hopes, or the year humanity got just a little bit more paranoid. But throughout history, there are those witty entrepreneurial souls who see every event that happens in the world as a window of opportunities.

Those brave and inventive natures have always come up with unconventional solutions that might have even outpaced their time but eventually made our lives better, easier, and more secure. The events of 2020 have provided fruitful soil for numerous innovative solutions and ideas. Some of them will remain at their birthlands –garages, basements, and minds of hopeless dreamers. But for sure, there are some bright ideas in the air today that have solid chances to become prosperous startups in the nearest future. Let`s take a look at some trends that are shaping the business world today and try to speculate what startups may appear and flourish in 2021.


Months of staying at home have to lead to a true consumption hunger. People miss coursing malls and shopping areas, getting free samples, seeing new goods and offers. After all, window shopping has always been one of the biggest consumer's hobbies and one of the most powerful offline retail marketing tools. Ever heard the expression "all-new is a well-forgotten old"?

This is exactly the case. Subscription boxes are not a novelty to the market per se, but they seem to become a prosperous enterprise resource today. Originally dedicated to the cosmetic industry, aimed to distribute samples of new products, subscription boxes start to appear in various market segments – from pet care to gardening and auto cosmetics. Creation, design, and distribution of subscription boxes have become a competitive industry and there are already several prosperous startups in this field that successfully offer their services to various businesses. We may be witnessing an era of a new evolution spiral both in marketing and Startups.

E-commerce startup ideas

Yes, online shopping, collaboration, and marketing are not new. They have been existing and developing for several years and would have inevitably taken over the market anyway. But 2020 has given the industry a powerful kick that forced a whole new business field to shape, develop, and start working successfully in a matter of several months. E-commerce was more of an indulgence just a year ago, but today those tools are a must for any kind of business that wants to survive. High demand, the importance of swift and efficient response has to lead to the fact that businesses started to look for those who will take care of their evaluation and operation on the newly-formed market. E-commerce startups are offering various solutions – from website optimization to innovative logistics solutions, becoming leaders of the modern market.

Food Delivery and Distribution business startup ideas

Another consumption hunger that was caused by the restrictions of 2020 was the actual hunger. Ho matter how well you cook and enjoy doing it, sometimes we all crave some restaurant-cooked meal. Whether we are talking of sophisticated cuisine of fast food – all food industry entrepreneurs and their customers have faced the same challenges in 2020 caused by the quarantine restrictions. And then suddenly, innovative hospitality-related solutions started to appear like mushrooms after a warm summer rain. In-house ordering systems, portals that united various businesses, and of course delivery services became an ultimate sign of our times. Eventually, the adaptation of the hospitality industry became fruitful soil for various startups. Software development, marketing, packaging, logistic, and delivery solutions – startups that operate in those fields today have solid chances to become leaders of the market in the nearest future.


As you see, 2020 became the ultimate melting pot of entrepreneurship. Some seemingly long-forgotten trends have suddenly become prosperous solutions, slow and graduate business processes turned into crucial survival factors and whole industries had to follow ways that might have never been associated with them. But this is the whole beauty of startup ideas - unlike unwieldy traditional businesses, they always have space for manoeuvring and a fresh vision that allows them to turn ideas into life-saving solutions.